Magma – non-temporary art is a site that brings together a studio of tattoo and an art gallery and trusted Accional to design and assemble a personalized flag to place on the façade, as well as an acrylic plaque with the studio’s identification.

For this project, we designed and assembled an unlit two-sided aluminum banner and an acrylic plate.

The flag was made of aluminum profile and dibond plates with printing on laminated polymeric vinyl. The choice of these materials guarantees a lasting and resistant final result that ensures the protection of the print against weather conditions and abrasion.

In addition to the banner, Accional designed and mounted a plaque with the studio's identification to place at the entrance to Magma. The plate was made of high quality acrylic, guaranteeing its durability and strength.

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Outdoor signage

The team

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José Botelho
Assembly Technician
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