Accional has been a leader in advertising, printing and visual communication, standing out in the Azorean market for over 30 years.

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Raise the communication level of our customers, understanding their challenges and offering effective and innovative solutions, of high quality and originality, promptly and efficiently.

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Why are we leaders in the field of Advertising, Printing and Visual Communication in the Azores?



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Founding of Accional on April 28, 1993, at the time under the corporate name Accional – Acções, Promoções e Representações, Lda, by partners João Arruda and João Soares. The head office was at Bairro da Misericórdia, nº 38. The company operated in an annex at the back of a house, affectionately nicknamed “Quintal das Couves”. There was no own production, sales were carried out “door to door” and gifts were ordered already personalized from external suppliers. The furniture was sparse and the working tools were a notepad and a typewriter. A few months later, the company acquired a Macintosh LC.


Accional moved its premises to Rua Eng.º José Cordeiro, nº 7, in Calheta, next to what is currently the Mané Cigano Restaurant.
Accional was present at the “Lar Campo e Mar” exhibition.


Accional moved its premises to Rua Morgado Botelho, nº 1-A, in São Gonçalo, where the Celebrêxito clothing store is currently located.
The company begins its own production.
Screen printing was carried out using a manual carousel, supported by a small curing oven; stamping used laser-printed and cutting transfer, with a single press. Accional also used a pad printing machine in one color and had pantography equipment, which is a process that allows you to read a text stencil and transfer it to a metal object, at the required scale.


Accional moved to Valados, occupying Plots 15 and 16 of Rua António de Medeiros e Almeida.


A semi-automatic carousel was purchased for silk-screen printing of t-shirts, bags and similar items, and a larger oven, which drastically reduced delivery times, as well as a laser engraving and cutting machine.


Accional took its biggest step so far, acquiring a large-format printer with a width of 320 cm and high productivity, unprecedented in the Azores, which allowed to respond in record time to customer requests. This equipment largely boosted Accional's growth.


Traditionally working with the Coreldraw software in a Windows environment, in 2004 Accional acquired an eMac to respond to the incompatibilities of the time between the Windows and Macintosh platforms, having also acquired Macromedia Freehand licenses for both software platforms.
At this time, Accional also started its embroidery production, with an embroidery machine with 6 heads of 12 colors each, to respond to the growing demand.


Accional launches its new logo and website, as well as an innovative file transfer service called Portal Accional, where customers could upload larger files, without resorting to sending CDs, using e-mail or handing them over in person, as was common at the time. The client received access credentials and comfortably loaded the files. It should be noted that applications like Wetransfer and similar services that we know today would only arrive in 2008.


Accional acquires a new solvent printer from the Mimaki brand, with greater productivity and quality, as well as a new cutting plotter that would finally make it possible to make contour cuts on printed stickers. Before this equipment came, only straight cuts or manual contour cuts were performed which, in addition to taking time, were not perfect.
Also, around this time, Accional ventured – once again being a pioneer in the Azores – in the acquisition of an UV curable hybrid printer, which would allow direct printing on the plates, without the need for self-adhesive vinyl, increasing speed and responsiveness.


Accional acquires 4 more warehouses in Valados to expand its operations.

With this expansion came much more space and a significant production capacity increase, with one more new large format digital printing machine, one more semi-automatic carousel, one additional oven with greater capacity than the existing one, one more pad printing – this time with 5 colors , plus a press for caps and also another stamping machine. Together with the existing equipment, these acquisitions allowed Accional to have an unparalleled response and production capacity in the Azores.
In August 2009, the company expanded to Terceira Island, near Praia da Vitória. At the time, this was just a small representation office, with all material being produced in São Miguel.
Accional wins the PME Líder award.


Accional increases its range of services by acquiring a milling machine, with a 250x150 cm table and an acrylic folding machine, thus allowing for a whole new offer in terms of cutting plaques, trophies, letters and other products.
Accional wins the PME Excellence award.


Accional wins the PME Líder award.


In June 2012, with the growth of business in Terceira Island, Accional moves to a larger space, still in Praia da Vitória, already with some of its own production, thanks to the acquisition of a solvent printer and a cutting plotter.
Accional wins the SME Leader award.


Accional acquires a Roland LEF-20, a high-definition Ultraviolet printer, aimed at the production of gifts, taking the first steps towards the digital personalization of gifts, with photographic quality.
In August 2013, the move was made in Terceira Island to the current facilities of Bicas de Cabo Verde, in Angra do Heroísmo.
Accional wins the PME Líder award.


Accional wins the PME Líder award.


Accional acquires a new hybrid printer with a width of 220 cm, extremely versatile and fast, which allows expanding the possibilities in terms of printing surfaces.
Accional wins the PME Líder award.


This year Accional decides once again to increase the range of services offered, this time for the digital world, with the creation of its Web Department.


An investment was made in circular screen-printing equipment, extending the customization capacity to cylindrical pieces, such as glasses and bottles.
Accional wins the Empresa Digital Açores - Silver award.


Change of the the corporate name of Accional – Acções, Promoções e Representações, Lda. into Accional – Publicidade e Comunicação Social, Lda..
Accional is facing the COVID-19 crisis with a strong commitment to the production of acrylic barriers.
Accional wins the Empresa Digital Açores - Gold award.


Investment in a new milling machine to meet the huge demand for acrylic barriers due to COVID-19.


Significant investment made in the growth of the team members and skills of the company’s Web Department.


Accional is investing in the installation of 96 photovoltaic panels in the roof of its main building, to further pursue its environmental sustainability goals.