Environmental Sustainability Policy

Accional – Publicidade e Comunicação Visual, Lda., is a company that provides services in the field of advertising, visual communication, printing and production of promotional material, which has more than three dozen employees, assigned to its two facilities, in Ponta Delgada (São Miguel Island, Azores) and Angra do Heroísmo (Terceira Island, Azores).

Given its area of ​​activity, Accional recognizes that its operations have direct environmental impacts, given the consumption of resources such as electricity and water, in addition to the creation of waste.

Accional is committed to complying with its obligations to customers and, at the same time, seeking to continuously improve its environmental systems, in order to minimize the environmental impacts of its operations.

The aforementioned environmental policy and the indications that follow form an integral part of the company’s management system and its vision for the future.

Accional’s Management is responsible for the practical application and control of the company’s environmental system.

Todos os colaboradores são responsáveis pelo cumprimento das metas e objectivos dentro das suas respectivas áreas.

All employees are responsible for meeting the goals and objectives within their respective areas.

a) Implementation of a system for sending invoices electronically;

b) Replacement of disposable plastic water cups with reusable cups for all employees;

 c) Replacing disposable plastic coffee cups and straws with cardboard cups and wooden straws;

 d) Availability of ecopoints spread across the various departments;

 e) Availability of the Ecologic gifts catalogue, with more environmentally friendly products;

 f) Incentive to reduce the use of paper, especially in the administrative and financial department;

 g) Donation of out-of-print material and samples to charitable institutions;

 h) Donation of materials used with a view to their reuse by third parties;

 i) Implementation of a “dark version” in the process management program, in order to save energy;

 j) Implementation of a policy for the use of materials, in order to reduce waste when designing any product;

 k) Partnership with HP Planet Partners to recycle all toner used in HP and Samsung equipment.

In order to achieve its environmental sustainability goals, Accional has compiled the following essential goals for the coming years:

 a) Improvement of the waste separation and collection system;

 b) Make employees aware of environmental protection through various employee involvement programs, training and awareness campaigns;

 c) Conserve natural resources by improving resource efficiency – energy and water;

 d) Reduce the environmental impact of communication technologies, through the so-called Green IT (“Green Information Technology”, that is, eco-technology of communication information);

 e) Take into account environmental considerations in the selection criteria for new suppliers;

 f) Search for environmentally friendly products in our internal purchases;

 g) Search for more environmentally friendly raw materials and equipment;

 h) Communicate the environmental policy to all employees, customers, suppliers and other partners and make sure that it is available to everyone;

 i) Periodically review the environmental policy to ensure its continued applicability and relevance to our operations.

Accional is dedicated to establishing the best methods and adhering to sustainable practices in order to have a positive impact on the planet and, therefore, strives to fulfill its environmental commitments, as the responsible company that it is.