Festa do Chicharro 2023

For this event we had the pleasure of producing gifts such as T-shirts, polo shirts and hats.
Some works were also produced, such as billboards, digital billboards and credentials.

Festa do Chicharro 2023

Screen printing technique to ensure quality and durability, also adopting the embossing technique to create the lanyards of the credentials.
Reinforcing the identity of the event, and also adding a unique and professional touch.

Works such as assembling billboards, digital billboards, printing credentials and posters were also carried out.

Services provided

The team

Meet the people who brought this project to life

Dina Silva
Assistente Comercial
Luís Simões
Coordenador Comercial
Frederico Pimentel
Coordenador de Impressão
Mafalda Lima
Técnica de Impressão
Bruno Moura
Coordenador Montagens
Maria Duarte
Técnica de Impressão
José Botelho
Técnico de Montagens
Miguel Raposo
Técnico de Montagens
Jorge Bolarinho
Técnico de Montagens
Luís Azevedo
Técnico de Montagens
Nuno Raposo
Coordenador Brindes
Rodrigo Sampaio
Técnico de Impressão
Sofia Medeiros
Técnica de Impressão
José Viveiros
Técnico Financeiro
Gonçalo Ferreira
Técnico de Brindes
Nuno César
Técnico de Brindes
Hugo Botelho
Técnico de Brindes
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