Almond Tree

AlmondTree Therapies offers a range of massage treatments, sound therapy and aquatic treatments that help relieve stress and tension and promote an overall feeling of relaxation. AlmondTree Therapies aims to create a peaceful environment where you can relax and recharge.

Our challenge was to create a visual identity that reflected the brand and the tranquility associated with it.

This project aimed to create a brand that conveyed the essence of the Almond Tree: harmony, relaxation, well-being and energy.

Thus, Accional created a visual identity based on the circle, a shape that conveys a sense of harmony, protection, the cycle of life, union, fullness and movement; concepts associated with Almond Tree - a brand focused on relaxation, energy and balance.

The website was developed with the aim of helping to manage reservations, as well as offering Almond Tree customers an easy and intuitive way to find out about the services provided. With a fluid design inspired by water and sound waves, the website conveys a sense of serenity and relaxation that we associate with this type of treatment. Clients can easily book therapy sessions through the website and find out about both the services offered and upcoming events.

Services provided

Brand Creation
Web Design
Photo Sessions

Brand Creation

Almond Tree's logo is simple, clearly conveying the services they provide. The logo is a stylized form of an Almond tree whose branches also form the silhouette of a person floating in the water. The person's head is shaped like an almond.

Almond Tree Therapies' color palette was inspired as much by nature as by Nuno Amendoeira's own Tibetan bowls, conveying a sense of calm and relaxation.

Web Design

The AlmondTree website was designed to be a digital extension of the experience that the brand provides: a simple, harmonious and easy-to-use website.

The focus was on creating an intuitive, easy-to-navigate and aesthetically pleasing platform: from the moment the user enters the homepage, the feeling of tranquility is clear. With a fluid and relaxing design, the AlmondTree website immediately conveys the brand's identity, with a sense of serenity and relaxation, a clear connection with nature and well-being.

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Photo Sessions

In addition to brand creation and web development, Accional also held a series of photo sessions in order to help better convey the feeling of the brand. The photographs show the various treatments in action and were selected to align with the brand's vision. The photographs taken were intended to be used both on the website and on social networks and dissemination formats, helping to create a consistent visual identity at all points of contact.

The team

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Mariana Ponte
Tiago Martins
Diogo Tavares
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